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    Subject: Re: Scenario Trigger Tutorial

    I have a really big Question I've been wondering...Like in tower defense....Rebels Legionair you can build various buildings of their limits how? Please help this is useful! 

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    Subject: Re: Scenario Trigger Tutorial
    Please refrain from asking the same question in multiple threads.

    Answered in the other thread.

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    Subject: Re: Scenario Trigger Tutorial

    I'll answer it anyways...


    To increase the build limit of towers:


    Go to triggers.Make a New Trigger.Set Condition to "Always."Set the Effect as "Modify Protounit."

    Set the target as "Outpost" or "Tower."Change the Modifcation thingy to "Build Limit."Set the last box as the number of towers you want to be able to made .([-6]-1000)Since no one's going to build over 1007 towers...

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    Subject: Re: Scenario Trigger Tutorial
    I got a question about timers and AI, and spawning. I created a scenario but when I tried inserting an AI to the two computer players they just stood there. When my units got close some attacked, but others just stood there and didnt attack back. I want to make the AI attack me back, and lead assaults on my base. A step by step guide to AI agressiveness would be appreciated. Another matter is a timer. I would like to insert a timer that starts as soon as the game does. I want it to be a survival timer (survive 10 minutes to win the game). I set the timer to 600 seconds and condition to active and run immediately with high priority but nothing happens when you start. Once again a step by step guide is appreciated. Lastly I need units to spawn (enemy units close to my base and attacking the base) cause I'm creating an onslaught survival match (or at least am trying to create one). A step by step guide is greatly appreciated. Also please refrain from using programing language and stick to simple english as I am a gamer and not a programmer. Thanks.

    USA 4 LIFE
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    Mister_SCP Mister_SCP is not online. Last active: 11-14-2013, 11:59 PM
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    Subject: Re: Scenario Trigger Tutorial

    Timer: I think you have missunderstood sth ther...

    This trigger will do the job:

    Trigger1:run immediate Active, high priority 

    Condition: Always

    Effect:Counter:Add Timer

    That will do. The condition Timer is invisible (it works in the background)

    AI: Quoted from wiki heavengames:


    My computer players don't move.

    You have to assign an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to them. Like so:

    • Place a Town Center or Covered Wagon at the desired location. If you place a Town Center use a normal (not the IGC) one.
    • Place an "AI Start Object" for each computer player next to the Town Center or Covered Wagon or nearby. Go to the Objects Menu, select Place object, then find the object "***AIStartObject" and put it on the map. You can also add the AI Start object later on in the game with triggers. Then the AI will start working at the time the AI Start object is created.
    • Go to the players menu ("Scenario" -> "Player Data") and select as "Control" for each human player "Human", for each computer player "Computer".
    • Click "AI" and select aiLoaderStandard.xs (there're other AI files as well, although they are mostly for campaign-scenario purposes). Then click "Open". Don't double-click the *.xs files, otherwise the scenario will 'forget' your AI settings (which is one of AoE3's bugs). Click once on the file, then "Open".
    • To enable shipments select Home Cities for the players. "Reset HC" sets the default civilization-specific HC, "Set HC" displays the current one and enables individual selection (requires a HC file in folder "Campaign").
    • To support a specific AI behavior set according flags in "World" -> "Map Types", depending on the kind of your map.

    Do that for every computer player you want to act like in normal random maps. (Don't assign an AI though to the player that actually plays the scenario, otherwise the human and the computer will both command the same units and buildings.)

    It might also be that they don't work in playtest mode -- only by choosing a custom scenario and actually playing the game.



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    KaptainNemo KaptainNemo is not online. Last active: 05-14-2012, 11:31 AM
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    Subject: Re: Scenario Trigger Tutorial

    Hi Musketeer,

    I wanted to ask if you could explain some basic triggers in your tutorial, for example how to win (but I think that you have to use set player win and set player defeated). So it would be very nice to explain the buttons of the units in area-trigger or the triggers where you get resources. Could you also tell me which trigger makes you loose e.g. 10 food every half minute? Thanks,


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