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    it's unlikely but never say never. ms has done illogical things before, and making another aoe wouldn't even be bad for them. there's a huge fanbase still left, plus the RTS genre desperately needs more games to represent it.

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    lols u dont know too much do you? ...  japs-same story as china, only thing that saved them from invasion in 1800 was kamakazi (means divine wind) which destroyed a whole feelt with warriors on board that i cant remeber came from where

    Actually, the invasion fleets you are thinking of were sent by Kublai Khan and the dates were 1274 and 1281. Both invasions failed due to most of the fleets being lost in storms. It's strange that most Japanese students I've met know nothing about this as it was the last time that Japan even came close to being successfully invaded until WWII and is a defining moment in their history. For Japan, this event is akin to the defeat of the Persians by the Greek alliance at Salamis in 480 BCE and Palataea in 479 BCE. Had the Persians conquered the Greeks, western civilization would be much different than we know it; the same goes for Japan had the Mongols conquered them.

    thank you metis. dates and names are a prob for me. and yes those dates make sense as i remeber the japanese army still using katanas etc on shore to finish off those that made it :P 1800 would have meant guns etc. idk what i was thinking.  eh around this time period was thta when mongols took over china or was that later?

    No pikes are not half as good as dopps, for one they don't have a giant OP sword do they? nooo they only have a silly looking stick with a knife on the end and they don't even have a cool looking hat either!
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