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    Subject: Re: Spanish Musk

    Yes, Musk is the main component for a successful rush or TR, they are the most OP musk in the game, with missionary aura they get 80 attack! that beats even OP ash attack with its aura horse guys!

    Most pros also use Musk since they beat British Musk and can beat skirms, horses, dopps the only real counter to them is cannons, but Spain have culvs which get the OP aura bonus too so that takes cannon out, so all in all there is no counter to Spains OP muskets...

     EDIT: there is only one counter to them, using Wakina since Wakina are most OP they can take them down, just go 99 wakina + teepees vs spain= gg wakina

    lol -- Thanks Joel ...

    This isn't a bad troll but could be slightly better if you went lighter on promoting the comments on musk countering all but cannons ... but overall not bad -- you got some replies which shows its a pass

    Go here to see why I am no longer active on the forums:
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    Subject: Re: Spanish Musk
    Although, as brit I don't know what I'd do without musks. So ateast there is some truth. minimal but hey, gotta start somewhere
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    Subject: Re: Spanish Musk

    Wow that's even worse


    well obviously i don't train 10 missionaries in age 2. i never have more then 2-3 out until industrial or so, or if i get left alone long enough to boom 


    If you know your behaviour or language is going to result in a ban, and continue with the actions are heading in a direction of less then temporary action.

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