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    Subject: How does one lame Japan?
    I find them to be unbearably slow. Can't get ashis as quickly as Ottos or French can get musks. Naginata and Samurai are too expensive to be made in bulk. yumis are just yumis. And China owns them really bad. I don't get it why people call them lame. is it just because of shrines and unraidable villagers? Its probably because I have little to no skill on this game, but I find them extremely difficult to play.

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    Subject: Re: How does one lame Japan?

    prolly not sending the right cards. Its because they can get away with very greedy play (so they can get tons of eco without dying to any attack). 

    Don't think they are extremely OP, just think they are lame (some civs just cant do stuff against them honestly). 

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    Subject: Re: How does one lame Japan?

    i find japan training speed reliable i find them beatable aswell. dont raid their food vills

    raid wood or coin vills

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    Subject: Re: How does one lame Japan?
    i do cherry bloosom festival 5 ashi zen diet and 4 villagers is that good for cards?

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    Subject: Re: How does one lame Japan?
    For Japan, there really is no set in stone card order, as they are a very situation civ.  Heavenly Kami is usually considered a first card, but sometimes 2 vills is sent.  The subsequent cards depend a lot based on the map, opposing civ, etc.

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