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    Subject: Failed to Join wireless router

    I recently got a virgin "super hub" wireless router.

    I was unable to play my pals on LAN.

    Empires reported my IP Address as an internal address, eg 192.168.0.x

    My external IP address was different,

    Google "my IP adress" to get your external address.

    Seems my super hub/router distributes to other devices wirelessly or through ethernet cables and gives each device/pc an internal IP address.

    I solved the problem by changing settings of my "super hub"/router to "MODEM MODE"

    That dissabled my wireless connections but allowed me to play LAN games.

    Empires now reports my IP as the same as my external IP

    Not the perfect solution for everybody. You lose wireless.

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    Subject: Re: Failed to Join wireless router
    And your question is???            if you lose wierless riouter, then you should check the company that gives you wifi.    I'm not sure i waz very helpfull, sry if i wasn'y..............

    always expect the unexpected
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