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    Subject: A new version of the N3O Fan Patch is out!
    I am happy to announce a new version of the N3O Fan Patch, version 1.3z2. This patch gives a much more balanced gameplay without changing the way Age of Empires III is played. Also it allows players to play against an updated Drauger AI, one that now builds units more realistic for its civilization, has good cards in its decks and upgrades some of the new upgrades. 

    The overall aim of this patch is to bring balance and spice back into the game, without changing the gameplay. This patch may be updated as long as people have good suggestions they are willing to make. 
    This mod is currently just for The Asian Dynasties expansion, and it requires you to have installed the Warchiefs expansion. (Yes you also must have the original Age of Empires III installed as well). 

    Note: In order to download from the N3O site you must sign up there as a member and be logged in. Other than that, enjoy! 

    This Fan Patch makes use of the TAD Patch Launcher v.18. The TAD Patch Launcher v.18 is included in the download, and full installation instructions/uninstallation instructions are included in the patch download. Also, patch notes are also included on the download, visible namely when you use the patch launcher to launch a patch - you can see the patch notes to a specific patch you want to see, and thereafter launch it. 

    Also, I have used some custom art files from another modification (my favorite ones), but I have also added some custom art files myself. Therefore I will give the proper credit to the modder who had these very soon. 


    N3O FP 1.3:
    N3O Better Drauger AI:
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    Subject: Re: A new version of the N3O Fan Patch is out!
    Yes Gefaellt mir.

    I dislike Dutch the most cuz the envoy and flute sound like tards and the explorer yelling is so annoying when you tell him to attack.
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