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    Subject: Age of Empires Collectors Edition

    I'm talking about the 'Collectors Edition' that includes Age of Empires I and II, and the expansions for both.

     I see that there is just one DVD for them all, so how does this work? Do you need the DVD inserted to play? Do all the games have their proper music that they used to play straight off the CD, or is it that midi rubbish? 

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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires Collectors Edition

    I quess that all the games are putted into one cd and it has all the same stuff as it would be if it was on 4 or 2 different cd's. All games need the cd inserted to play (don't wanna mention some exceptions).

    It should work just like the seperate ones. If it doesn't I would call it cheating. :)

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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires Collectors Edition
    well, most cd's can only hold 700mb. A dvd can hold 4+gb, depending on the type of dvd. So that's why its only on one disk.


    wut inn thee fawk r u tokking abowt?
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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires Collectors Edition
    I have the collectors edition; AoE1 is on one disc, AoE2 is split up.

    I dislike Dutch the most cuz the envoy and flute sound like tards and the explorer yelling is so annoying when you tell him to attack.
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