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    Subject: Difficulty issues - help?
    Howdy, all.  Having some issues here.  I played AoEIII several years back and loved it.  Got the Warchiefs expansion, loved it still.  Cut to today, and I purchased the complete version with both expansions, and was pretty excited.   So, I install it, no problem.  Load it up, no problem.  I figure to start, I will set it on easy just to refamiliarize myself with it.  Ha.  Before I even had my first barracks built, the AI civ had TWO towncenters and a standing army.  And, this was maybe 5-10 minutes in.  They had already advanced to Fortress.  So, huh. I don't remember "Easy" being this hard, but maybe it is just me.  So, I set it on Sandbox, again just to get used to the interface again.  There I was, minding my own business farming and chopping wood when a good 20 man army complete with heavy cav rode up and decimated my villagers.   On freakin Sandbox mode.  So...does anyone else have this issue?  Is there a patch?  Kinda not fun when I get my ass kicked THAT quickly and easily.  That's what "Hard" is for.
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    Subject: Re: Difficulty issues - help?

    That's weird...usually sandbox and easy comps are really terrible. Are you sure its only 5-10 minutes in (ie do you have the game timer turned on to see how long a game has been?) If you're still having problems, turn on handicap and give yourself like a 50% handicap or something, that should fix any problems. 

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    Subject: Re: Difficulty issues - help?
    the computer on sandbox usually has about 2 pikes and 2 bowmen about 30 minutes in lol, so maybe its a glitch. honestly two strategically placed towers defends you from a sandbox or even easy comps


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    Subject: Re: Difficulty issues - help?
    haha sandbox comps dont even attack.
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    Subject: Re: Difficulty issues - help?

    haha sandbox comps dont even attack.

    They actually will after a VERY long time. My friend tried out the game on Sandbox on Caribbean, then exited (I thought). 17 hours later (timer was on), I went back and a fully-upgraded Japanese army had completely crushed his town, with only a few straggling villagers hanging about elsewhere.


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