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    Subject: transitional difficulties
    im sure i'm not the only one who had these things happen to them when switching from age2 to age 3. i stopped playing age 2 like a year ago then got this game earlier this year. my first game i was japan vs japan. i was like CASTLES ARE CHEAP. oh its just 10 samurai trying attack my castle. no big deal (age2 castle wins easy) wtf how did these samurai get to my town? why don't you bow riders go kill them. come back. how are the samurai NOT DEAD, where are my yabusme!!!! also i couldn't figure out how to age up. then i tried brits. oh no way these 15 bowmen can beat my guys with guns. WHY ARE THERE CHO KO NUS IN MY TOWN AND MY MUSK ALL DEAD?! since there isn't all that much of a counter system in age 2 i just spammed paladins or mangudai with mongols and pwned. anyone else have funny stories about coming from age 2?


    If you know your behaviour or language is going to result in a ban, and continue with the actions are heading in a direction of less then temporary action.

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    Subject: Re: transitional difficulties
    Plz speak in English. I came to this thread thinking that it was about transition and now I am totally confused... What are u trying To say?


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    Subject: Re: transitional difficulties

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