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    Subject: noob question:

    Heey everyone, how to make cows with the british on aoe3 normal?

    i heard that ppl can do it, but never seen it and my friends also dont know. At tad i saw ppl make it, because there is a specific card for it. And at aoe3 i cant find the card for making cows instead of sheep, plz help me

    thx , theo

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    Subject: Re: noob question:

    First piece of advice is to make a more descriptive title, so people don't have to ask again soon. :P I answered the same question pretty recently.

     The card was added with the first expansion (warchiefs) so you won't be able to get it in vanilla. If you have the expansions, you should play them though. Way better for TR because of the enforced treaty time and increased card count. 

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