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Re: Indian Strategies

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    Subject: Re: Indian Strategies
    Here's a nice India strategy that I saw mRcheese use. I copied it in one game and it worked out pretty well. If you're playing against a player/civ that you know will rush you (like Ottoman, 90% of the time) do this:

    Put all your starting vils on wood until you have enough resources to get a total of ten villagers. Don't build your house. When you have your pop filled up, put everyone on food. With your first shipment, send the wood trickle card. As soon as you have 800 food have one villager start building the Agra Fort in a place that will defend a lot of resources. Let the wonder auto build. Put everyone on wood so you can get your house build and start building more villagers. Balance your eco as necessary after that.

    When you age up, try to catch some of his forward villagers with your 2 sepoys! Have fun.
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