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StormComing Ports 2100 V Milky__ Brits 2400

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    Subject: StormComing Ports 2100 V Milky__ Brits 2400

    Mk some ppl asked to see this so here ya go!

    Rules were 1v1 NR40 No Natives HM on andes.

    Milky was a great booming brits and got 2400 even though he decided to go for less eco cards in favor of some mili i believe.

    I was ports and i got one of my better scores ever with them... 2100 yay ^^

    this isnt really a GREAT game like you'll see elsewhere.... but its ok...

    Millky was pissed at me for running at the beginning but i wasnt trying to run i was just trying to work from my only FB....  i was planning on fighting over there but i sent my army on otherside of map last minute to face yours... so soz man if you thought i running :P

    And kudos to milky he could have easily ran as game went on he had map control so thx man for being heads up ;)

    Enjoy men



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