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    Subject: AoE3 40 Min. Treaty Strategies/Booms Redone

    First of all WOOT this is my 1000th post and the 1000th post in the treaty section!!!

    You can download the original word document here. Hope everyone enjoys!

    AoE3 40 Min. Treaty Strategies/Booms

    Hi everybody. Since we got all those booms I thought I'd make a new post with them. This one is organized better and is in alphabetical order. Also I added some paragraphs and corrected some grammar in some of the booms to make reading easier. Finally I also changed the abbreviations, like ERKs, to their full form - Eagle Runner Knights. This should make it easier on new people who haven't learned all the abbreviations yet.

    Comments from me are in red. (or at least they were in the original)

    European Civilizations



    Kerkumus's British Boom:

    This one is great. I completely recommend watching it.



    Ricester's Dutch Boom:

    This will probably be too rough for you but I'll try and describe as best I can. To hit score over 1800: 

    Age 1: 4 villagers on gold off the start; spread the rest onto food and wood. Keep churning villagers out and spread between food and wood. The 4 on gold is enough for you to keep villagers coming out.

    As soon as you have enough, build bank. STAY in 1st age until 4 banks are built and you have approx 26 villagers. Age up. You should have selected 3 cards, 2 extra banks and the food trickle card. You should have 2 cards sitting, KEEP until 3rd age. Age up with the 400 wood option.

     Age 2: When in 2nd age, age straight into 3rd. Upgrade all market upgrades (apart from villager stuff). Age with fast age up.

    Age 3: Build 2 more TCs as soon as you're in age 3 and take your 2 cards - 20% more food and church card. When church card in, select for 2 extra banks. Another card will come in the 3rd age, take 20% gold card. Stay in 3rd age spreading villagers between wood and food (coin should be coming in through banks) until you have 8 banks built and 46 villagers made. Age up using 4 villager option and then whilst aging, make those 4 villagers from TC (extra 4 villagers). You should have 2 more cards sitting.

    Age 4: When aged, pick 2 factories and put them on coin. Build 3 plantations and 2 mills. Take all villagers off wood (maybe leave your extra 4 on or use for building barracks/walls etc) and spread 30 onto plantation and 20 on mills.

    Age 5: You may get 1 more possibly 2 more cards before 28 minutes have gone. If you get 2, take 25% plantation gold card.

     Save a card until approx 28 minutes have gone and turn all gold to wood card. should be approx 33k gold. This will give you most of the wood you will need for the whole game.

    If you have boomed correctly and not wasted too much time waiting on wood coming in before building/researching upgrades then come the end NR you will have score approx 1850, 30K food, 25K wood and 33-35K gold and climbing. Should be more than enough to start pumping out the cannons!

     Any questions just ask

    The part here about aging with the 4 villagers is worded somewhat odd. What you do is max out your villagers in age 3. Then advance with the politician that gives you 4 additional villagers. This will put you at a total of 54 villagers, 4 more than the limit of 50.



    Metis's French Boom:

    It's pretty easy to get 2500 with French in a 40 without a trade route. With a trade route and cows you should be able to get 3000. Here's a boom I just did where I hit 2616 at 40. 

    I got this with a pretty standard boom deck that replaces the three plantation-only cards with settler shipments. Of course this isn't for a very long game but as you start the fight with 150k gold and all upgrades but the advanced arsenal you will have a bit of time before you run out of gold if you play wisely.

    o    Collect crates

    o    Build a house

    o    All to food

    o    Send 3 Coureur des Bois

    o    Queue to 15

    o    Start to II @ 3:45 (wood)

    o    Send 4 Coureur des Bois

    o    At 1200 food move all to gold

    o    At 1000 gold move all to wood

    o    Start to III @ 6:00 (fast)

    o    Build 2 TCs

    o    Leave 5 on wood move 5 to gold rest to food.

    o    Build market; get gang saw and all hunting and mining upgrades.

    o    Send Refrigeration

    o    Send Royal Mint

    o    When you have about 20 on food queue to gold stop making Coureur des Bois when you have 1200 gold

    o    Start to IV @ 11:45 (gold)

    o    Send 10 Coureur des Bois

    o    Split half to food half to gold, leaving the 5 on wood but queue all new to wood.

    o    As you get the wood build mills and put exactly 7 Coureur des Bois on each mill, upgrade the mills.

    o    Start to V @16:00 (gold)

    o    Ship the 2 factories (put on wood), get the wood market upgrades.

    o    Build a church get Mercantilism ship the mill cards and send Economic Theory.

    o    Build a capitol, get the upgrades.

    o    Eat up the rest of the close mines then send 70 to mills and 9 to wood.

    o    As you gather the wood start building things. Wall (5 walls) and then build the rest of your houses, 2 arsenals and at least 3 each of barracks, stables, and artillery foundries as you will need them for fast upgrades later. Get all the food/wood upgrades that you can and any others if you have any leftover gold. All this building will get you a card.

    o    Send Food Trickle -- Sending advanced church might be better eco-wise but you will be low on wood to build FBs if you do.

    o    Wait....

    o    @ 37:00 send fur trade

    o    Start upgrading everything as fast as you can - one upgrade per building.

    o    Pump out an army and you will get another card. Send fast train Infantry or Cavalry, your choice.

    This boom is for a short game. For a longer game you may want to use a deck with more long term economic shipments.



    Haody's German Boom:

    Age 1: In the beginning max out your villagers. 8 Food (With Settlers <I don't know if he means settlers or wagons here>), 9 Gold.

    Age 2: Keep doing that until Age 2 and save your cards after you get Economic Theory. When you're aging up to Age 3, put all your Gold Villagers onto Wood.

    Age 3: Key to Germans is to get to level 3 quick so you can max your Settler Wagons out and while doing that, build Villagers.

    Cards to level 3: Economic Theory, Royal Mint, Germantown Farmers, Refrigeration.

    After those cards, save up your cards until you age up to Age 4.

    Age 4: Build 4 mills and use all your Settler Wagons on those Mills while Villagers coming out go on Wood. Have like 10-15 on Gold.

    When you age up keep 20 on Wood (Send Factories which will be on Wood), around 40 Food (10 Wagons), 60 Gold (10 Wagons).

    Age 5: Age up again and you just build Barracks in Age 5, upgrade your ARSENAL (IMPORTANT FOR FIRST ARMY).

    Cards until 5th Age: Sustainable Agriculture, Team Mills, all of the Plantation Gold Cards, and Church Card.

    If you choose to keep Uhlans as a first army, feel free to do so.

    If you want my full German Strategy (courtesy of Disco86 and SavoryBeef), than talk to me whenever I'm online the game. My name is Haody on ESO.




    Disneyword's Ottoman Boom:

    Never watched this one. Might be good, might not.



    _PI's Portuguese Boom:

    Rapid breakdown of my strategy, 2100 (no wood cards used, 2200-2300 with wood cards) range every game with decent hunts when done properly.

    Age 1: Get about 3 villagers immediately on food, depending on starting crates either build a house then a market or just a house, new villagers to wood and coin as needed, get hunting dogs, then all food until you can age-up to 2. First card Economic Theory.

    Age-up with 400 wood, get 10 villagers on food, rest on wood, get placer mines, move villagers on wood to coin.

    Age 2: Get Steel Traps and Algamation, pump villagers to coin, possibly food depends on how your resource distribution is looking, tweak and adapt on the fly, age-up using fast age-up, should be around 26-28 Villagers, but don't mark when to age-up by villagers. Age up with exiled prince.

    Age 3: Move 22 to food, rest to wood, get the first wood cutting upgrade in market, and build one more house, move villagers on wood to coin. 2nd card is Royal Mint and 3rd card is Refrigeration. You might need to tweak food/coin balance depending on resources/map layout, do so if necessary, you want to hit around 2000 food and 1200 coin at the same time and around about 10:35-10:50. Age-up with 1K coin

    Age 4: New villagers to wood, research 2nd and 3rd wood cutting upgrades, build one house, then villagers on wood unto food, get around 32 on food, rest going to coin, 4th card is Factory, 5th card is 2nd Factory, both on wood, research the increased wood gathering rate for factory upgrade. Usual rule of watch resource balance and tweak as needed applies, should be able to age-up to imperial around 14 min in.

    Go heavy on wood while aging to imperial and build one mill and one plant, start getting upgrades in them, when you hit build capitol, get imperial economy upgrades, villager distribution is 35 food, 19 wood, 45 coin if not using native, 40, 19, 40 if using native. Get mercantilism while in imperial. Rest of your cards are church tech, food upgrade from church tech, then Sustainable Agriculture, then all 3 plantation cards, then either Advanced Arsenal or wood card, then either your choice of army card or Advanced Arsenal, then cavalry  train speed.

    From there card order is your digression; I personally usually do fencing school, engineering school, range-finding/genitours, and then everything else.

    Sometimes you'll want to send engineering school/fencing school instead of something else before 40 and if you learn my boom well, you can do 2100 without wood cards and ship one of those or a card like range finding if you so please. That's the way I was doing it before I quit, wood cutting upgrades with ports aren't really needed their boom is already very good and the wood cards offer nothing significant long-term for port, they aren't Sioux/Iroquois/Aztecs/Spain, where you have legitimate reasons for the cards, they have one of the best booms in the game.

    Apparently this one is a very high quality boom. If you're struggling or new to the ports this is the way to go.


    Hidan's Portuguese Boom:

    Age 1: 2 to food crates, rest to hunting.  With the 200 wood I build a house and a market.  I put about 7 to food, then 1 wood, 1 to coin (for hunting dogs), then 5 more to food.  When I have exactly 50 coin/wood, I get hunting dogs and put those two villagers also on food, for a total of 14 villagers (all on food).  When I can, I start aging to 2 with the 400 wood politician.

    Transition:  7 on food, 7 on coin, research the first wood tech from the market.

    Age 2:  Queue 2 villagers and put them both on food.  Have one villager on food gather the wood crates, and research all of the food/coin market techs.  Continue producing villagers onto food until you near 1200/1000, at which point, age (should be around 8 minutes I believe).  Age with the exiled prince (fast age-up).

    Transition:  If you have about 15 on food, then don't change anything.  If you have less, move a few villagers from coin to food.  Remember, the second Town Center can still produce while you age.

    Age 3:  Start cranking out those villagers.  Keep sending them to food until you've got a rising production.  Make sure you put a few on wood for houses and a mill if you need it.  Try to avoid mills as best you can.  After you think your food economy is ok, send them to mines.  Age to 4 as soon as you can.  Age up with the tycoon (1000 coin)

     Transition:  Nothing really different, keep cranking out villagers.

    Age 4:  Set up your 4th Town center and spam villagers. With the 1000 coin from aging, make a church and get mercantilism for factories/other cards.  You'll probably start using mills now, so try to set up one mill before seriously committing and get the techs there.  Do the same with plantations if possible.  Don't inhibit your economy, but it's best to stay on natural resources for a nice long while.  Configure your factories with either wood for making mills/plantations or food/coin, depending on what you need to age.  Age to 5 with the 2000 coin politician (El Presidente?).

    Age 5:  Finish up your villager production and get a capitol ASAP.  Those 50% techs are your priority.   Your final economy should be 35 food, 44 coin, 16 wood, rest building, factories on wood.  Make sure to get all of your techs except halberdiers, pikes, and horse art, since those aren't necessary...

    Card Order:

    Economic Theory, Exotic Hardwoods, Refrigeration, Royal Mint, Factory, Robber Barrons, Textile Mill, The Portuguese Church Card (name?), Sawmills, Cigar Roller, Sustainable Agriculture, Rum Distillery, Food Silos, Riding School, Fencing School, Engineering School, Genitours, Rangefinding, then whatever.  Other cards I include:  Team Gunpowder Infantry Hp, Gunpowder Infantry Combat, Gunpowder Infantry Attack, Adv. Arsenal, Dragoon Combat, Team Artillery HP, Infinite 30 Tupi, Cheaper Natives/the build faster card, depending on if I'm using natives.



    Gitzco's Russian Boom:

    Age 1: Make 26 villagers before you age.  I understand that you can age way before that, but it serves no purpose, aside from slowing you down from booming.  All villagers you start with go to food after collecting starting crates.  First 3 made go to food also.  Next 3 to gold, next 3 to wood, 3 to food, next 6 to gold, last 3 to food.  This gives 14 on food, 9 on gold, and 3 on wood.  The 3 on wood should cut 100 by the time u need a house.  When you are aging, take 3 off gold and put to wood, and send the wood card to age. 

    Age2: When you hit age 2, you should immediately age to 3 and send Sevestapol at the same time. 

    Age 3: When u hit age 3, you should have enough wood to make your 2 additional Town Centers and have plenty of food to spam 9 villagers at a time.  Usually first 9 go to food also, so I can keep making villagers. The rest depends on map and resources needed at time. Get market upgrades ASAP. Hit industrial with 27-26 minutes left in treaty (at least), Imperial with 23-22(at least).  Many maps differ and some are slower than others, but Russians have a great boom if done this way and you max out villagers fast. 


    This is an old one but a good one. This is more or less the strategy I usually use as Russia and like he says if youre doing it right this should always get you a score of over 2k. I frequently get 2100 and 2200 scores.



    Tomo_Tanker's Spain Boom:



    Native Civilizations



    James' Aztecs Boom:

    Age 1: Gather food and wood crates. Ignore coin. Build a house and firepit. Have your warrior priest dance on XP. Put 1 villager on wood until you have enough to build a market and research hunting dogs and amalgamation. If you don't have gold starting crates you'll need put a villager on gold too to get hunting dogs. Advance with age up fast. You should age up with around 16 villagers but this varies based on starting crates and treasures. During this age you should send the non team woodcutting card (team if you're playing a team game)

    Age 2: as soon as you get to age 2 you should have a card to ship fencing school and switch your firepit to produce warrior priests. Distribute villagers to gold and food mostly so you get to 1000 coin and 1200 food at around the same time. This usually entails moving some of your earlier food villagers to gold and then sending new ones to food as well, but once again this depends on your start and treasures. Adapt as you need. Age up with the warchief. Once you've clicked advance you'll want to put around 6 villagers on wood so you'll be able to build a TC. After you send fencing school in a team game you'll want to send either the team villagers or warrior priests based on your deck. More on this later. If you're not in a team game send the other (1 or 2) woodcutting cards. Save your next shipment.

    Age 3: build a second TC (3rd is optional but I don't usually use it). You should be close to maxed on warrior priests now (all new ones going to firepit obviously) and when you're done with them switch firepit to fertility and leave it there until you've maxed your villagers. Send most new villagers to food. They should be coming out close to how fast you're gathering food so it won't seem like you're going anywhere but don't worry. During this time your gold should get to 1000 long before you've got to 2000 food so send the 10 villager card. This card helps a lot with your boom. Once you have approximately 40 villagers on food send the new ones to coin until you're at 2000 food and 1200 coin. Advance with the 2 nobles hut wagon things. The 1st card you should send in this age should be the 10 villagers followed by the wood cards if you sent team cards earlier or if you didn't and have already sent the wood cards then start sending the farming cards (they affect both farms and plantations)

    Age 4: by now you should be close to maxing villagers. Leave the 40 on food and send new villagers to coin. Leave like 10 on wood so you can build farms/plantations when you run out of mines and hunts. You should finish maxing villagers right about when you start advancing. If you haven't already, research the upgrades for wood at the market. Advance with the +20% mill gather rate. This is very important to age with to age 5 because it has a higher bonus than if aged with to any other age. As soon as you click advance redistribute to around 40 food, 30 coin, 29 wood. Continue sending farm/plantation and farm cards until you've sent them all. Then send whatever military cards you think will be most helpful

    Age 5: if you haven't already maxed your villagers do so. Then switch your firepit to skull knights (this is optional. More on that later). Start building walls (at least 5 layers) and war/nobles huts. Upgrade units. Build skull knights to whatever number you see fit (45 I think is the maximum counting villagers+warrior priests). 42 if you want to make a skull box. Fill in the remaining pop up to 199. I usually fill it with jaguar prowl knights. Send a waterfront card of your choice to boost you above 200 pop. 10 arrow knights is the highest and puts you at 219. Then research all the big button upgrades at each of your buildings. These give you a huge pop at a maximum of 329/200. If you're doing a skull box take your 49 skulls (42 you made+7 from big button) and put them in defense mode. Then put a single eagle runner knight in defense mode separately. When you select them all they should form a tight box. You should send the combat cards you thin will help you most here as well as a waterfront card

    Combat: if you don't want to do the skull box there are other Aztec starting army options. You can build an army of skulls of any size you want or none at all. Whenever you're not building skulls put your firepit on XP until treaty ends. One option besides the skull box is to build around 30 skull knights. Then build jaguar prowls knights and send the jaguar prowl waterfront card so that after sending the big button upgrades you'll have an army of 50 jaguar prowls. Still send the 20 arrow knight shipment at 199 pop and all the big button upgrades though. For fighting as Aztec with a skull box break in as with any box and try to kill valuable buildings. Stealth in your jaguar prowls behind them for even more carnage. With the other starting army I mentioned destroy walls with skull knights and arrow knights then stealth in your jaguar prowls. After the first fight you need to get map control, because if you don't and you run out of wood you're screwed. If you're on a team make sure to use teamwork because Aztecs are weak in 1v1s. Keep your warchief near combat so you units get more XP=more shipments. Keep your firepit on combat enhancing dance as much as possible when fighting. Occasionally switch to fertility if you need to get out units fast, town dance (if you're using it) if you need to protect your town or forward base and don't have nearby units, and warchief dance if you need to revive him.

    Aztec Units: the Aztec counters and units can be confusing at first so let me help. Puma spearmen are just regular spearmen and counter cavalry. They're not very useful because jaguar prowls do everything they do better. Macualtins are like crossbowmen. They counter infantry. Coyote runners are the Aztec equivalent of heavy cavalry. They are good against skirmisher type units but lose to anything that counters cavalry (musketeers, halberdiers, dragoons...). Jaguar prowl knights are solid units that have good siege and are good against cavalry. They are also good against infantry if you can get to melee with them. Eagle runner knights are the equivalent of light cavalry. They are good against cavalry but lose to infantry, although they can be reasonably effective against infantry in some situations. Arrow knights fill the roles of mortars and culverins. They are good against buildings and cannons, but lose to infantry and cavalry. Treat skull knights like doppelsoldners. They are good against everything if they can get close enough.

    Aztec Deck: the Aztecs need lots of decks for different situations, but they should all have the same basic cards. The 2 largest wood cards (1 is team), all the farm and farm/plantation cards, essential military cards like the knight combat cards and fencing school, several of the waterfront cards(they look like unit shipments but if you read the descriptions they improve their units) especially the jaguar prowl, arrow knight, and villager ones. Other cards vary. For example you can use the town dance card or not. It depends on how comfortable you are without it. The Aztecs need at least 4 decks though. 1 for a 1v1 fight or with another Aztec teammate (no team cards besides natives and the woodcutting one), a deck for having European and/or Asian allies (the team 3 villager shipment because it gives them an extra 3 villagers for their limit), a deck for Iroquois or Sioux allies (team 2 warrior priest card because it improve their firepits effectiveness and frees up 2 villagers), and finally a deck for both European/Asian allies and native allies(both team 2 warrior priest and 3 villagers). And also make sure you have the infinite 1000 coin shipment. That one really helps in long games.

    My own strategy/boom :D    ^



    gs's Iroquois Boom:;13926336;/fileinfo.html

    You'll want to do some more walling. I couldn't be bothered anymore at the time.

    Holy sh*t. 3265. That's freakin' epic



    White_IrishKing's Sioux Boom:

    Age 1: To start put all villagers on food till u get 8 villagers, then put 4 on wood and to get market upgrades. After that get 12 on food and rest on gold. Age up with age faster when you have about 18 villagers.

    Age 2: Put all new villagers on coming out when in age 2 on to gold. Age with 800 wood to age 3 so you can build a Town Center with that wood and whatnot.

    Age 3: Put all but 6 of your villagers on hunting when aging to 3. When u get age 3 gather your 800 wood and when you have 600 have those 6 villagers and your Warchief build 1 Town Center, then start dancing with fertility to get your villagers out faster. (In 1v1 spread your Town Centers out so your villagers can get inside faster when raided.)

    Age 4: When the firepit is full have all new villagers hunt till about 30, then put new villagers on gold. When all villagers out put the villagers that were dancing on wood so you can build farms and plantations and get the upgrades. But keep 6 villagers on the firepit on XP dance to keep shipments coming faster. get all your farm and plantation and market upgrades and age with 1500 food, then when u have all your upgrades put all from wood onto gold or hunt, whichever u need more to age up.

    Age 5: When aging to imp put 30 villagers on wood for imp upgrades. After u get the upgrades get 25 on firepit for dogs. I like to get 33 dogs then 43 with the 10 from the big button upgrade (which is ready at 28 min). I train 1 Wakina and get the 14 Wakina card so I have a forward base after my dog rush. Got to keep the pressure on them.

    In a 1v1 I wouldn't recommend going all dogs in the beginning if u r playing vs. someone who knows it's coming because if they know u r doing all dogs and he makes all dragoons, you're F-ed. I like to get 10-15 Rifle Riders, 24 dogs, 24 is after the shipment and the 10 from the TC, and rest Wakina.

    When in imp have about 20 on wood (to clear trees for walls I put 30 on wood, then lower to 15-20) a good place to stop on wood is when u upgraded everything and have 10k wood stockpiled., 30 ish on food, 6 on firepit, and rest on gold.

    When you fight make mostly Wakina and then rifle riders and when need axe riders. Always have tepees whenever you fight. You might want to learn that U is the hot key for teepees too.

    Oh and to do the box with dogs, put your Warchief with your dogs and put both in defensive mode (has to be done separately with warchief and dogs). Find what spot looks good with your Warchief before time ends and then just punch a hole and get their factories, wonders, and then when u can TC (mainly their 1st TCs so u can build near their base later) , and then villagers or houses or whatever, if the enemy still can't kill your dogs.

    White_IrishKing is the master of the Sioux so I assume this is a very good boom

    _PI's Sioux Boom and write up:

    Seeing people who barely understand this civilisation in treaty try to give advice on them really just makes me want to call you all fools and end it at that, but against my better judgement I'm going to give you the the guide I wrote for the TRT Website before it went down, complete with a solid, 3 TC boom for Sioux and a description and rundown of their fighting + their Firepit.

    Don't bother debating my guide, it's pretty much the most definitive guide for this civilisation you'll ever find for treaty and is based on my knowledge from over 300 games with this civilisation, against many top players.

    Before I get into this guide, I want to make it insanely clear that this is a very comprehensive guide, it covers some fine-details that most people usually have to learn through experience. It is aimed at developing better Sioux players.


    This section is just a pretext, which covers some main points about Sioux. If you've never played Sioux before, read this. If you have some idea of how to play
    Sioux, skip it.

    First: Sioux are incredibly powerful, in fact, they have the most powerful military in the game. This comes at the cost of late-game economy.

    Second: Sioux do NOT have a weak economy until late in the game. So long as there's natural resources, Sioux have an excellent economy.

    Third: Because of the above, you'll age fast and have a good score most of the game, if you follow this guide's boom section well, but will be weaker
    in score later. Team Fur Trade helps, team mill/plantation cards help more.

    Fourth: Sioux units are precious and CANNOT be spammed and thrown away on a large scale, your economy CANNOT support this. In order to win with Sioux, you
    need micromanagement and tactics.

    Fifth: You should NEVER fight without Teepee unless you absolutely must! I cannot stress this enough, you will ALWAYS need to fight with Teepee.
    Only Axe Rider Raiding should be done without Teepee around, as you normally aren't looking to sustain a fight when Axe Rider Raiding, merely trying
    to torch buildings/settlers.

    Sixth: Don't get too close to the enemies base and walls, if they have cannons behind them and Rifle Rider can't shoot them, you're in a bad situation!
    Move back, pull your enemy out and pull his cannons out. Kill them with Warchief (if possible) or Rifle Rider. You can break this point if your teammate is supplying artillery for you.

    Seventh: When the Warchief gets shot down, revive him at the Firepit ASAP and bring him back to the front lines! He is essential to Sioux play!

    With that out of the way, let's get on to the actual strategy.


    Age 1:
    Standard start, send 4 villagers to Hunt, herd towards you. Send the rest to wood/coin and get the Hunting Dogs technology from the market, then transition every villager to food. Keep putting villagers on Food until you can Age-up.

    Age-up using The Messenger (Fast Age-up)

    Ageing to 2:
    Leave 10 villagers on food, send the rest to wood until you have 75 wood, then transition those to coin, get the Placer Mines upgrade from the market.

    Age 2:
    Resume villager production, all new villagers go to Coin, unless you require more food than you normally would, age-up as soon as possible.

    Age-up using The Chief (800 Wood)

    Ageing to 3:
    Get your total villagers on food up to 16, leave the rest on coin until you have 150 coin, transition them to wood, get the first wood upgrade in the market.

    Age 3:
    Build both your TCs using your Warchief and 2-4 villagers depending on need, build Firepit. All new villagers to Firepit, until Firepit is maxed, then all new villagers go to food until you have 39-40 villagers on food, 4 new villagers to wood, rest to coin.

    Build a farm as soon as possible, research the first food upgrade.

    After you max villagers remove all but 6 people from your firepit, distribute 15 to wood and 4 to coin.

    Build a plantation, research the first coin upgrade.

    Get the 2nd and 3rd wood cutting upgrades, Age-up to 4 with The Shaman (1500 Food)

    Ageing to 4/Age 4:
    Upgrade from farm/plantation, lower the number of villagers on food to around 26-28 and put the villagers you take off food onto coin, once farm/plantation upgrades are done take people off wood and put onto coin. Once you arrive in age 4, gather the 1500 food, Age-up to Imperial with The Wise Women (Bison + 40% to hunting).

    Ageing to 5:
    Get 25-30 villagers on wood, rest on food and coin.

    Age 5:
    Get the Imperial wood/food/coin upgrades. Put 25 on food, 19 on wood, 35 on coin, 25 on firepit, set firepit to make dogs.

    Build a war hut, train one Wakina Rifle, build your War Huts/Stables with it, as well as one teepee, upgrade Wakina/Axe Rider/Rifle Rider/Bow Rider/War Hut, as well as the upgrades in the teepee.

    Scout, scout and scout. Determin their base layout, factory/wonder/first TC locations if possible (don't get your WC trapped), look for weakspots in their walls, but use judgement on planning a path: a hole in the back of their base will likely be plugged by dragoons, don't hit there unless you're CERTAIN you can get in!

    Once you're 199 pop, take all but 6 villagers off firepit and put 9 on food and 5 on coin. End distribution should be 34/19/40, 1 minute before 40 take all but 4 of your wood gathers and put them on firepit, as well as 4 from food. Hit with dogs. Pray you can fight with Sioux.

    Card Order:
    Earth Bounty
    Great Hunter
    Exotic Hardwoods
    Food Silos
    New Ways
    Aggressive Policy
    Cavalry Combat
    Cavalry Attack
    Command Skill
    Cavalry HP
    Friendly Territory
    Nomadic Expansion

    Your choice from there on out. 

    Sioux Military Tactics:
    The Sioux are best described as Defensive Pushers. Their power comes from Teepee, which must be built up around your units, meaning you need to go to your
    enemy, put down Teepee, kill them, destroy their FB and then push forward and repeat.

    You don't run at them in the European civilization style of play, you wait for them to come to you and your Teepee, you pull them from their FB to your FB and
    decimate them, then you continue this process until you've got them at their base, usually you call in your teammate to assist with Siege then, or pull back and draw them out if your teammate is pre-occupied, the choice in yours.

    Also, I must make this insanely clear: The Warchief is the FIRST unit you should try to use for anti-artillery! You should only use Rifle Rider when you absolutely must, Warchief is almost always infinitely better if he can be utilized.

    The Firepit:
    Okay, this is where I notice most people mess up the worst with Sioux. The Firepit is essential to fighting properly with Sioux and while I can't train your reflexes for it in text, I can tell you how
    to work with it and start you on the right path to perfecting your management of it.

    First things first, hotkeys, more specifically, control groups. Bind your firepit to an easy to access control group, such as 1 or 2. Then, change the default dance hotkeys to be within the first four keys on your left-hand side, this way with one hand you can work your firepit. I personally use control group 1 for my firepit, have war dance bound to q, warchief dance to w, fire dance to e, fertility to a, town dance to s, however you can use any setup you prefer, just memorize it and make it habit to use it.

    Also, make sure that during battle you ALWAYS have 25 people on your firepit, it is essential!

    Now, to explain the dances, their purpose and how to utilize them in battle:
    War Dance: Your primary dance, which you should be on as much as possible, it provides a large boost to the damage output of your army.

    Warchief Dance: Your secondary dance, you should be on this dance whenever your Warchief is attacking artillery, because it strengthens the Warchief's hitpoints and will revive him should he fall. After you are done handling their artillery, go back to War Dance.

    Fertility Dance: This is a support dance, by which I mean it's only used in certain situations as a crutch to compensate for problems. Namely, when your population is far too low (say 160 out of 200), you should use this if you are not massively out-killing your opponent, note that with 160 pop and 20 teepee, you do not need this as 60 pop army will murder 100 pop with 20 teepee.

    Town Dance: A recent addition to my strategy, it's another support dance, the crutch this provides is when you are at an opponent's walls, they are shelling your teepees and you are waiting on a teammate to bring mortars/culverins, or other similar situations where their artillery is out of your reach (either using War Chief or Rifle Rider). It allows you to double the HP of your teepee, making it take 2 shots to kill a teepee instead of 1, while this might seem insignificant; it allows you to spend far less time microing your wakinas to build teepees in certain situations.


    Asian Civilizations



    Allbinx's Chinese Boom (w/ livestock)

    TTaylor's Chinese Boom (w/o livestock):

    With this strategy, you should be able to get at least 2200 at 40


    Age 1: Put 4 villagers on food, 2 on crates to start, queue up 1 villager. Never stop making villagers. Have the first villager that comes out make a village. Keep putting villagers on food until you have 12 on food. Make a market and get upgrades ASAP. After you have 12 on food, put 3 on gold, and then 10 on wood You should be done aging BEFORE 4 minutes. Age with 400 food wonder


    Age 2: 2nd Card is 700 gold. Age ASAP, but keep making villagers


    Age 3: Make 2 more TCs, then a village. Put villagers on food and gold. Age up ASAP


    Age 4: Have 1 villager build a rice paddy and upgrade it. Keep having all your Town Centers producing villagers. You should be in age 5 BEFORE 20 minutes


    Age 5: Because you already have all your researches done, your rice paddy transition won't be too bad on your economy. Get all research upgrades (for paddies and wood cutting). At 37, research everything. It will be instantaneous because of Confucius's Gift


    Card Order:

    1.       Furrier

    2.       700 gold

    3.       Exotic Hardwoods

    4.       Land Grab

    5.       Refrigeration

    6.       The paddy coin upgrade card (forgot name)

    7.       Confucius's Gift

    8.       What every you want

    Pretty basic strategy.


    You can get larger amounts of resources (especially food) and a higher score if you use a livestock boom.



    Hidan's India Boom:

    Age1: Starting with 2 on crates, 4 to wood.  First 9 all go to wood, then depending on the starting crates; I either make a market or get a bit more wood. I then start sending villagers to food until I can age, or send a few to food and 1 to coin, if I can't get civil servants and hunting eagles with my starting resources.  Hunting eagles 1st of course, since it will research faster and provide essentially the same bonus, since the goal is to go colonial.  Also, when I have the 200 wood in addition to two villagers constantly queued; I make a consulate and ally with ottomans.  Once I can, I have two villagers building the Karni Mata, and shift a few villagers from food to coin, evening out the villagers I make on the two resources.  Also, if I have an excess of wood, I generally send about 3 to food or coin, depending on my needs. 

     Age 2: Once in colonial, I research all of the market techs immediately, and keep evening villagers to age up.  This usually happens when I have about 10 on each.  I use the two villagers that were building the wonder to get the crates.   After getting the four settlers from the ottoman consulate, I switch to ports (the 4 all go on the tower of victory to age faster).  Once I have 8 on the wonder, I send more villagers to coin.  I also position my monk elephants, one at my base, one at some nearby mines or hunts, to save walking time for villagers once my Town Centers are up.

    Age 3: Once in fortress, I send most of the 8 villagers that were on the tower to coin, food gathers that much faster.  I build the 2 Town Centers. keep constant villager production, making sure that I have at least 10 villagers on wood.  I age to industrial as soon as I can with the 1700/1200.  If hunts are running low, I'll have a single villager make a paddy and start researching techs.  Otherwise, I'll do this a little later on.

    Age 4: Once in industrial, I keep producing villagers, making sure I have enough on food, and generally more on coin.  Again, fewer villagers on wood, most on coin. Aim for that 3400/4000.  I age ASAP, ditching ports as I do so, switching to France.

    Age 5: Once in imperial (age with usually about 8 villagers), I get my imperial wood and food techs, and take the villagers off coin (though I try to retain about 625 coin for disciplined Gurkha/Sepoy and white tiger training, since that means less worrying at 37 minutes. Another 150 for Sepoys). I keep about 75/26 on wood, with 2 building walls, houses, and the monastery, using Sepoys to build up my base's military buildings. I trade starting at 36:20, having it arrive at 37 minutes.  My starting army consists of about 19-24 Sepoys + Mansabdar, 4 siege elephants, 3 mahouts, and the rest Gurkhas + Mansabdar, leaving 1 pop space with which I ship the gendarmes.  Once I've got the gendarmes, I abandon France and fight with the British for hp and cannons.  I've stopped using camels since the new patch, but India ftw.  DON'T FORGET COWS AS SOON AS YOU AGE.

    Wonder order: Karni Mata, Tower of Victory, Taj Mahal, Charminar Gate.

    Card order: Wood trickle, 20% wood gather rate, larger wood trickle, Mughal architecture, depending on current resources, either 20% wood or 15% mills, then the other, 15% mills, 15% wood gather rate, Good Faith Agreements, Battlefield Construction, Elephant pop-1, elephant train time & cost down, royal green jackets, fencing school, riding school, then whatever you want.  Make sure fur trade goes off at 36:20, to arrive at 37.  (I also include 3 infinite shipments, being wood and the two natives.  Then there's Shivaji's tactics, favorable karma, elephant combat, Dravidian martial arts, either cheaper natives OR Dukkha suffering, which is an experiment.  I'm only counting 24, but I don't know what I'm forgetting...)

    This is MY strategy, but it's certainly not the only one.  I also fight upfront, and don't lame India.

    _PI's India Boom:

    Here's my boom for India, I vary some bits depending on resources and such in game but this gives you a decent idea. You can probably skip early cows if you want to; I've done that a few times recently and still got nice booms. I also never use the elephant trickle card in a real game, but I did this for a boom contest so I figured why not?

    Pi India Boom.age3Yrec

    _PI is pretty good with India from the recordings I've seen, so I'm sure most of us could learn something from watching this (I know I did)



    Imawhosure's Japanese Boom:

    I can pump units forever, and I have to because I am not that good at micro.  Many of the people I play say that it is the best Japanese eco they have seen, and unless they have lots of units, I am buying spies too!!!!

     So, here is how I do it.  While I can age faster than this, this is the best through trial and error I have found for an extremely good eco and being ready to fight when treaty is up.

    Age 1: All villagers to crates.  While they get them I queue up 2 villagers towards gold. (I know, that sounds silly, but you need them for market upgrades). When first villagers are done with crates, I look at wood to see if I have enough for both 1 shrine, and a market.  If I do not, I send all those who got the crates to wood for 15 seconds so as I do.  If I do, all go to food but the one that builds the market. Now I build one shrine.

     You should end up with 6 on food, 2 on gold, 1 market, 1 shrine.

    Now then, next 8 go to wood.  While this is happening, you take ALL age 1 upgrades in the market. First card used is either team Chonido, or the card that gives you the 25% wood gathering bonus.  I usually use the wood one, but if you are on a team, I take one for it and play Chonido.

    Now, after your upgrades, as soon as you have 200 wood, you build the consulate.  Pick the ports, and if you have done it correctly in fluid motion, your second card will be ready long before consulate is finished being built.  You send heavenly Kami.As soon as the 8 are done for wood, you start keying villagers towards one of the food patches (whatever you call them, the name escapes me) for a total of 14 on food. (That is 8 plus the original 6 for a total of 14)

    Now then, you have acquired ports and Heavenly Kami, so now your shrines cost 75 or 76. You use both of those guys (you know) to start building them as fast as your wood allows.

    To age to two, because of your alliance with the Ports, it is in the 600s, not 800!!!!  You take one villager off food, and start to 2!!!!  As soon as he pounds the first time, you send him back to food, wonder builds itself, and you age with the wonder that gives 1.5 experience.When wonder is 1/2 done, change all of your shrines to gold, this is very important!!!!!!!!!!Next card to play is the 25% wood card if you haven't played it or Team Chonido if you haven't played that yet.

    Now you have reached age II.  You have all of your shrines, 14 on food, and 2 on gold.  Now, usually while aging, it is time to queues more villagers.

    Yeah, don't know this guy or if his boom is any good. I'd try it in an unrated game first


    Someone's Japanese Boom:

    Sorry to whoever posted this boom. I found it in my documents and I don't know whose it is. If the owner of this boom steps forward I will give credit.

    Age1: Always start with Toshogu Shrine, followed by Buddha, followed by pavilion, finishing with Shogunate.

    Age2-3: Use XP shrines as soon as you hit age 2 and put shrines on XP,

    Age4: get the boost in shrine production at age 4, as soon as it's finished switch shrines to wood. By now you've gotten all the eco cards in your deck (should be about 9-11 shipments obtained). Use Portuguese as consulate as long as you're not age 5. Finish shrine booming and making a monastery before hitting age 5. As soon as you're near the age 5 upgrade, break relations you'll get the 600 discount little before it truly ends.

    Age5: Switch to Spain shortly for the first and 3rd ability, then go to Dutch and get the buildings, keep Dutch till 5 min from end of treaty, finish with isolation, get 10 units trained at once instantly and you're ready.

    Since I don't play Japanese I don't know if this strategy is any good.




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    <!--[endif]-->first of all WOOT this is my 1000th post and the 1000th post in the treaty section!!!

    since its too big to post here here's my redone treaty strats/booms




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    that post was so screwed up what with my having those problems with the the pasting from word and your broken smiley.

    aloysius-im banned until 2162 again. it says its for "attacking other forum members". i havent attacked any other forum members seriously. i have attacked members IDEAS, not members themselves. also since when does this get you perm banned? please respond
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    i figured out how to get it to allow the whole post there. still working on how to make it look better. more like the original. for example the colors are all screwed up. bear with me while i tinker with it.

    well OK I'm at a loss. i can only get the stuff there if i do "paste from word" which f*cks up the colors. any advice?

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    Hidan's Dutch Boom

    posted in the other thread...

    men i was only trying to make coonverstion and then u say that i am gay. man i do nice u say im gay men.

    I don't even know what's going on.

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    Your aztec boom is lifesize lego blocks of text... I'm currently trying to build a castle with them, could you add a few more blocks? Hidan is that the one with the write up? Post that too.
  •  08-31-2009, 11:16 AM 839836 in reply to 839807
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    No write-up at the moment.  It delivered a clean 1887 though without south sea bubble.


    men i was only trying to make coonverstion and then u say that i am gay. man i do nice u say im gay men.

    I don't even know what's going on.

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    not bad. looks like you could use some more gold though

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    uw ant good strats make an account also alot of recorded games for u guys to learn from if u want to get better

  •  08-31-2009, 1:44 PM 839875 in reply to 839851
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    not bad. looks like you could use some more gold though

    that's why at around 40 I switch those thirty on wood to coin.

    men i was only trying to make coonverstion and then u say that i am gay. man i do nice u say im gay men.

    I don't even know what's going on.

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    uw ant good strats make an account also alot of recorded games for u guys to learn from if u want to get better

    i did make an account and ive watched several recorded games. there's just not much written up booms/strats there there.

    aloysius-im banned until 2162 again. it says its for "attacking other forum members". i havent attacked any other forum members seriously. i have attacked members IDEAS, not members themselves. also since when does this get you perm banned? please respond
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    hey im new, just wondering what program you use to watch the videos, doesnt seem to work for me? thanks
  •  09-01-2009, 5:56 AM 840037 in reply to 840035
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    When you download a recording, put the file in:

    My documents/my games/aoeIII/savegame.

    Then go to the main menu of the game -> help & tools -> recorded games.

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    hey im new, just wondering what program you use to watch the videos, doesnt seem to work for me? thanks

    The recordings are meant to be played in the game. Pure Age of Empires 3 allows you to watch .age3rec files, The Warchiefs Expansion - .age3xrec and The Asian Dynasties Expansion - .age3yrec.

    My ESO account: Vilmar_, trying to recover Vilmar, but it's not so simple.
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