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    Subject: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(

    Hi, I am new to the forums but not new to the game. I played AOE I and II several years ago and was recently overcome with nostalgia when I heard the announcement of AOE Online and re-installed the old games. I have been playing AOE II 3 to 4 times a week for up to about 5 hours each time, for the last 2 months.So I am not a noob really, although I understand how to play, I just have difficulty with winning. Embarrassed

    I am currently playing AOE II and really need help. I complete the Easy and Easiest modes with 'ease' suprisingly enough. However, when I play on moderate I have trouble with even getting past Castle Age successfully. I play Random Map with 4 other players. The major problem is that the other players (all are CPU) seem to forge an alliance of some sort. They all attack my base together, without fighting each other at all whilst in my base. Why is this? Do they really forge an alliance or do they just not fight each other whilst in my base?

     Also, is there any way I can forge an alliance without the CPU initiating it by requesting resources from me?

     Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(

    I know your pain. AOE3 has ruined me.

    Just a few days ago I tried playing AOM and I couldn't even win a 6 player ffa on easy, they were just killing me so early that I couldn't do anything. All the comps were booming better and getting armies faster than I could.


    Curse you AOE3. 


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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(

    The easiest way to do this is to beat them to it-form your own computer alliance with one or two of them, and always have a backup towncenter near your allies' (or ally's) base. When playing a casual game, I always played with an ally versus four or five enemies. That way it's not too challenging because the AI will attack the enemies, but not too easy because they don't knock them out completely.


    Downloading some new AI scripts from Heavengames is a great idea, particularly AllianceThundaEmpire and Zycat. Both of those of intelligent, and good as either teammate or enemy...and if you really want a challenge, try the Prince of Uganda AI. It's harder than a good deal of human players. You can get good hours long session struck up with just those AIs and the right conditions.

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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(
    Build infantry to defend you and your allies in the early stages of game. Its nice to have a barracks set up in your allies town, to defend him. If you keep him alive, & yourself that is, he will attack the enemy and start putting pressure on them, relieving you of some attacks. Make Use of natural resourses, dont set up farms to early. Also, make use of walls! Only cannons & treubechats? can destroy walls properly, and they are only available later on in the game. Set up your wooden walls in the 2nd age, and it should help out at buying you time. Atleast warn you, before they come. If you extra wood, put up unneccesarry walls ahead of your town. It will slow the advance of enemy. Dont forget to start trading. Build your market, as far as possible from your town (safe place). Build some trade carts, and start getting gold!. The bigger the distance from your market to your allies, the more gold comes in.
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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(
    Arabian Knightفارسة عربيّة:

    try the Prince of Uganda AI.

    Can u post the link of prince of uganda ai? I could not find it on heaven.
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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(
    Huh...I don't remember age of kings being difficult...hmmm....
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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires II: Please Help Me :(

    With the default AI in AOE2, computer players will not attack villagers in Easiest or Standard mode unless attacked first by them. Therefore it is actually impossible for the computer to defeat you. In moderate, they begin to attack villagers, making it much harder.

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