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    Subject: Keepers of the Empire Club Recruiting

    Hello all who take the time to read this post, i am Trooperz_pwn, and I am the GDXO (co-leader) of Keepers of the Empire! KTE is a small club in a large gaming community known as the Dark Jedi Organization. ( We are trying to expand and get new active members. KTE is a well organized and established club with regular events, awards, and a very nice forum, and ranks! If you're still reading you must still be interested. Heres how to join!

    To join KTE. go to

    You will then go through the signing up steps. You will then get an email from your superior (probably me) to get you past your basic requirements and first promotion. 

    Things you need to know before joining:

    1. You need to be active, post on the forums AT LEAST once a week, and participate in weekly events.

    2. We are a community, no a super serious club once so ever.

    That's it really, just don't join if you won't be committed, because then we have to keep emailing you if you don't comply. And you can take breaks any time, just tell us, and we will put you on reserves or put you on a short term absence.

    Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the forums!


    Xfire: igftrooperzpwn 


    King of Ossimsauce
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    Subject: Re: Keepers of the Empire Club Recruiting

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