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    Subject: Product key problems

    Hello there.

    I downloaded AOEO yesterday and was excited to try it out, but then the screen for product key came up. I didn't remember getting any product key when I downloaded it from the main website so I tried to google it. People said that I should go into the download tab and click 'view key', but my downloads tab is completely empty since I downloaded the game from the main website. I tried to figure out a way to download it through my marketplace, but in vain.

    I see other people on the forums having the EXACT same problem and you haven't really answered them, so please be nice and fix our problems.



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    Subject: Re: Product key problems

    When you say "pinkcupcakepie", do you mean like, rainbow cupcakes?


    Also, you probably won't have much luck here. Your best bet is still over at the AoEO site (This site is really more about AoE3, even though the skin here might suggest different) 


    wut inn thee fawk r u tokking abowt?
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    Subject: Re: Product key problems

    If its not appearing in the downloads tab in your marketplace simply:


    Search for "Age of Empires Online"  and select the game link (Here's a link if you're in the US - its region dependent though ) 


    Click "Buy Now - Free" on the left side

    Sign in with your LIVE account and go through the process and it will now appear in your downloads tab with an assigned LIVE access code.

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