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    Subject: Online account problem please help?
    Hey guys so its been a really long time since I've played AoE3 online and I got the chance however I forgot the password to my account and the e-mail that was used... is there anyway to retrieve it? I tried E-mailing however I still haven't received a response from them despite I was able to give them the CD key, Product ID, and account name :/ anything else I can do? its so weird because usually all my game passwords are the same but its not working....
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    Subject: Re: Online account problem please help?

    robot entertainment doesn't handle support anymore. Send the same info to and you'll get a response. If you get it in within the next couple hours, you'll probably get a response today, since its the end of the week, so Ryz0n probably doesn't have much backlog. Otherwise, he'll get a response to you Monday or Tuesday.

    And yes, that should be all the info you need. 

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