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    Subject: Can't join any games online.

    Hi! I played a lot of AoE3 multiplayer 2 years ago. After I got a new computer I stopped to play the game and completely forgot about it . After 2 years I decided to install and try the game again. I had the product key and the CD and I installed the game without any problems. The singleplayer worked fine and I could connect to ESO and log in on my old online account. But when I try to join a multiplayer game, It's not working. When I try to connect to a game It keeps connecting but after a while, it just kicks me from the game with a message '' Failed to join the game ''. That's all, no error codes or something. What's the problem? Can it be a router issue?

    I would really appreciate help. By the way, sorry for my English. It isn't my native language. 

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    Subject: Re: Can't join any games online.
    Perhaps the search function could turn up some helpful items. Age of Empires Forums


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