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    Subject: ]I[ Champions down in BO7

    ]I[ Champions down in BO7 matchup with 4-1 score must watch it ;)..!
    clan of incredible Indians..!
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    Subject: Re: ]I[ Champions down in BO7
    I cant download it, first I click this " /file/sCxM0J88/Record_Game_1.html" on your website, it goes to adfly, then 2shared, but when I click the Download button in 2shared, it goes back to the 2shared home page.

    Troll should be banned, not only do they lower the quality of help, especially for new player asking for help or reading the forums they won't know what is viable strategy or a troll strategy.
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    Subject: Re: ]I[ Champions down in BO7
    working for me , check the download folder

    Optimal explanation .. very succinctly


    Leave it to Age.Comm to get a thread twenty miles off topic.


    Or turn into a flame war.

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