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    Subject: Tips/Tricks 3 and 4. YouTube - Interjection
    I just made two new tips/tricks videos.

    They both discuss the ‘ui options’, ‘game options’ etc. Although I’m supposing most people on the forum are likely to already be a acquainted with these options and will learn almost nothing I would appreciate any feedback/criticisms :)

    You’d be surprised how many personal messages I get from people asking how I got my queued training units across the task bar or how I got the game to display how many settlers I have on each resource. These videos are aimed more for them :)

    Tips/Tricks no.3 is a fairly long video:
    Tips/Tricks no.4 quickly summarises the above video but is shorter and so doesn’t go into as much detail:


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    Subject: Re: Tips/Tricks 3 and 4. YouTube - Interjection
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