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    Subject: Recorded game for Spain
    I was trying to check RTS Sanctuary, but it appears to be down? I tried a couple of times, kept telling me about an error in the database. Regardless I'm looking for a good Spanish recorded game in Supremacy. I'm pretty good with Spain, but I would still like to watch a good player use them, maybe I can get some help in my weaker areas.

    I tried to do a search on here for recorded Spanish games, but all I found was a recorded game for Spain in treaty, I'm not interested in treaty. I'd prefer not to use Youtube, if at all possible, my connections kind of slow at the moment.
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    Subject: Re: Recorded game for Spain

    Just keep trying rts sanc, if it works search for cronique/poissondu recs for 1v1. If team, I think there is one rec of Sam playing on indochina.

    If it doesn't work go utube n3oclan, rec of 36drew Spain beating Sam.

    If u are smart at figuring out things try to try to find recs. google translate is ur friend.

    Aoe3 forever. R.I.P. Agecomm and thanks for the great memories :) 12/10/13
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    Subject: Re: Recorded game for Spain

    in many ways the best game i ever played. not sure if you have FP if not run the game from voobly with fp mod on.

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