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    Subject: recycling Spain
    The municipal reuse market is undoubtedly growing – it is estimated that major proposed reuse schemes are currently worth over 1 billion US dollars. Population growth,

    increasing urbanisation, the decreasing costs of producing recycled water and the dependability of supply have all led to a rapid expansion in reuse facilities.

    As water scarcity increases its profile on government and public agendas and acceptance of recycled water as a potable source becomes the norm, there will be ever

    increasing opportunities on offer. This in-depth market intelligence report enables you to understand the current extent of the reuse market in every region, to predict the

    future shape and size of the market and gives you all the detailed information you need to capitalize on the business which will become available over the next decade.

    This comperensive report covers the analysis of the following areas:

    A.) Technologies and applications

    Global Water Intelligence and PUB consultants from Singapore have joined together to publish Municipal Water Reuse Markets 2010 with the aim of presenting an

    independent, critical analysis and forecast. After giving an overview of the current size and shape of the market, we review the technologies used to treat wastewater

    from municipal facilities, taking a thorough look at the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and what the resulting effluent can be used for. We outline the

    different scales of water reuse facilities, look at historical and future trends of treatment technologies and preview future areas of research.

    B.) The economics of water reuse

    We then examine the economics of water reuse, providing an overview of the economic framework and analysing demand and supply side drivers and the pricing of

    reclaimed water. We show you the benefits and the costs, give you guidelines for estimating and pricing as well as looking at the different models of financing which are

    currently in place. This will enable you to decide whether it makes business sense to recycle wastewater or not.

    C.) Reuse market – the future

    Having painted a picture of the current state of the market, we move on to show you what opportunities lie ahead. Our market forecasts encompass:
    • Global capacity forecast
    • Global capital expenditure forecast
    • Global operating expenditure forecast

    D.) Country-by-country profiles

    We then look at the 23 most relevant countries in detail, giving an overview of the current and future challenges, outlining the government's water strategy and the water

    sector structure, analysing the way water is financed and showing you the developments in water reuse. Each country has different procurement methods, project

    structures, regulations and market structures - we provide you with the information you need to negotiate each country successfully.
    recycling Spain
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    Subject: Re: recycling Spain
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    Subject: huh i am a bot

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    Subject: Re: huh i am a bot

    We then look at the 23 most relevant countries in detail


    ...which are?

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