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    Subject: Age of Empires Petition

    Takes a few seconds, just fill in the petition to show your support for the AoE series. Not thinking it will do a great deal but its something we can send to the creators at least to show there is still a community that lives within this game that does care.

    Please no trolling/flaming just show support for this game and lets see if we can at least stand together and show them that we do care about this game please :-)
    (a new window will open and you will be leaving
    ( also has no link with this petition)

    Thank you for reading :-)  


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    Subject: Re: Age of Empires Petition
    TY for your support of the game I've enjoyed for many years now. However, the best way you can support the franchise, and ensure more AOE games down the road, is by purchasing more copies of the game. As long as the game continues to sell it will be supported.
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