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    Subject: Bad/Annoying Behavior

    Good evening to everyone

    I just finished a 2v2 game (me and my ally as france vs france & russia) and I have to say it was way too annoying.

    Starting from the begin, my ally was gathering wood and gold while still in Dis.Age and thus delayed his Age up a lot. He saw both the enemies building a forward base near him, yet he didnt hurry to do to Col.Age. So they built a Barracks and Blockhouse and started sending him units. I sent my Cross and Hussars and managed to do some damage. Him however sent ALL his villeys out of the TC, although i told him to garisson some for the extra damage. Anyways, I didnt bother sending more units after that, I focused on my own colony and prepared for a 1v2 scenario.

    At that point the game started lagging. I say one of the enemies had a yellow indicator in the loading screen but didnt thought it would be so bad (I'll talk about that later). Anyways my ally somehow built a new TC and restarted his economy. At the same time i managed to get to Fort.Age and sent some Cuis and Skirms to the enemy french guy. Got some villeys and many of their Cross and Strelets before losing all my units.

    After I got to Ind.Age we joined forces and destroyed their forward base and the french's TC and Barracks. While he stayed to destroy his market and all his Houses I went to the Russian guy, got his army, villeys and TC. At that point I was about 600 points, my ally 400 and the enemies 100/150. We were obviously to win the game, but while I was destroying the Russian Houses the game started lagging REALLY HARD. For every one second I played I waited ~3 seconds. It took me like 5 mins to get 10 Houses with 15 Cuiss and 25 Skirms. To me it looked like he (somehow) was doing that on purpose.

     Seeing the enemy moving his villeys back and forth and taking into account that HUGE lag spikes I made use of the Trade Monopoly and the countdown started. After 2 mins the French managed to take all my allies TP, so I payed him a new visit, while my ally built up the TP then activated the monopoly once more. I advanced to Imp.Age, got spies and when I saw him coming to the TP got my men there and killed him. So 1 min left and about to write gg. At around 15'' left he destroyes his TP and I was like wtf? He said I had to win fair and then I flamed him really hard. Seriously, he had to wait till the last 15 secs to tell me he doesnt like monopoly wins? I went to clear the last villeys, got the french Fort and they surrendered. I flamed him once more and left.

     So, is there anything I can do about this situation? My ally paid me back for winning the game by destroying his TP the last possible second and the game was lagging whenever I was engaging the enemy. So he was acting like he was with the enemy (late Age advance, destroying enemy Mills and Markets/his TP) while the enemies was probably making use of some kind of glitch. I dont believe their latency just "happened" to go up whenever they were under attack..

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    Subject: Re: Bad/Annoying Behavior
    If you believe someone is cheating, send an email to

    Beyond that, simply "annoying" people will not be banned, and the best you can do is pest them.

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    Subject: Re: Bad/Annoying Behavior
    Yeah that happens a lot. Avoid a guy named Kotoz if you want to avoid that lag. People usually minimize the game and pull up other programs to slow their computers down to increase the lag. Best bet is to kill the lagger right away. Also write down  his name so you don't  forget. Next time he wants to play with you, boot him. If you see him in a game leave it and join another one.

    If you don't know exactly what you're doing in an ESO game, you're gonna get rolled.
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    Subject: Re: Bad/Annoying Behavior
    For your information, French are supposed to gather wood/coin for early hunting dogs.

    A414A ftw.
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