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    Subject: German card that trains Settler Wagons out of Mills
    I see that there's a limit of 20 Wagons but might this be a pretty useful card considering how efficient Wagons are, taking only one population slot? I just started using it, but what do you veteran Germany players say? Worth putting in some of your decks? Perhaps with the Guild Artisans card that makes all Wagons 25% more productive.
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    Subject: Re: German card that trains Settler Wagons out of Mills
    Always have this card. Always. Settler wagons each take up 2 population slots btw, but they are well worth it. 

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    Subject: Re: German card that trains Settler Wagons out of Mills

    As a Veteran German player, my advice to you is, do not get the card that allows you to train settler wagons just use the cards to get all your settler wagons. Pretty much with Germany what you want to be doing is using your cards to get villagers and build your own army. The card Artisans is worth it though.

    The main reason for not getting the Settler Wagon train card is...

    1) Train times are extremely slow.

    2) far to costly, 100 food and 100 wood.

    3) The enemy focuses on these with their horse raids, so you have to keep them by the towncenter.

    They are good for distracting your enemies troops though

    TacticalWillie should stop noobbashing colonels.
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