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    Subject: New Civilizations
    I have a suggestion.
    I think it will be great if in games we can play with other civilization who are not so famous.
    Everyone can suggest new civilization.
    My suggestion is the Bulgars.

    Let me tell you fast for them...

    The Bulgars were people from the Eurasian Steppe.
    They are known as great horseman warriors who has no fear.
    For the first time they were mentioned in The Chronography of 354 in the text „Ziezi ex quo vulgares“(Ziezi, of whom are the Bulgars) (Ziezi was a son of Shem and a grandson of Noah.). Many people associated them with the Huns, or Scythians.
    Beginning of the Bulgarian state according the Nominalia of the Bulgarian khans is in second century, the rulers Avitohol and Irnik from the Nominalia are related to Attila and his 3rd son Ernakh.
    The first country with the name Bulgaria, was created by khan Kubrat in 632. He united the bulgar tribes in the Pontic-Caspian steppe. This country was known as Great Bulgaria.
    After the death of Kubrat, Great Bulgaria was conquered by the Khazars
    But his five sons separated and left with their tribes to seek new land for the bulgars...

    The first son - BatBayan stayed at motherland

    The second son - Kotrag has settled with his tribes between the rivers Volga and Kama and there in 660 he create Volga Bulgaria

    The third son - Asparukh has settled with the royal tribe of the bulgars between Balkan Mountains and Danube river in 670.
    After the Battle of Ongal in 680 betwen Asparukh bulgrars and Byzantine Empire
    The Byzantines were defeated and forced to sign a peace treaty in 681 with which are given the beginning of the First Bulgarian Empire on Danube

    The other two sons of Kubrat - Kuber and Alcek settled in Pannonia, but later Alcek went in Central Italy and Kuber in Vardar Macedonia.
    Danube Bulgaria and Volga Bulgaria become one of the most powerful countries in medieval Europe.
    One of the most spectacular battles in the the European Middle Ages are the work of the Bulgars.
    Such as:

    680 - Khan Asparuh of Bulgaria defeats Emperor Constantine IV of Byzantium
    at the Danube delta.
    718 - Khan Tervel of Bulgaria defeats the Arab army of Caliph Umar II led
    by Gen. Maslama, relieving the Arab siege of Constantinople.
    811 - Khan Krum the Horrible defeats and kills Emperor Nikephoros I Genikos
    of Byzantium at Varbitsa Pass
    917 -  Tsar Simeon I the Great defeats the Byzantine army led by Gen. Leo Phocas at Aheloy
    River near Anchialus
    986 - Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria defeats Emperor Basil II of Byzantium at Trayan
    1205 - Tsar Kaloyan the Romanslayer defeats and captures Emperor Baldwin of
    the Latin Empire (formerly of Flanders) at Adrianople
    1223 - Emir Gabdulla Chelbir of Volga Bulgaria defeats the Mongol army
    of Ghengis Khan at Samara Bend 

    1230 - Tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria defeats and captures Byzantine Emperor
    Contender Theodore Komnenos of Epirus at Klokotnitsa

    1332 - 
    Tsar Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria defeats Emperor Andronikos III
    Palaiologos of Byzantium at Rusokastro

    And many other great 
    Middle Age  battles...
    (I can tell you and for the great battles of Bulgaria in 20 century... :) )
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    Subject: Re: New Civilizations

    A civ like that would fit better in AOE2. In fact, some AOE2 players have modded them into that game. During the AOE3 timeline however they were controlled by the Ottomans which are playable.

    I'm guessing you're from Bulgaria?

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    Subject: Re: New Civilizations
    Yes, I am from Bulgaria. :)

    I know that the timeline in AOE3 is not for the Middle Ages, but AOE2 graphics are not good, i want to play with the Bulgars in game with better graphics...
    (For the mods with new civilizations for AOE: We all know that the mods cant be so good as the original game)
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