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    Subject: Germans
    Hello im basically a noob to sup and I was just wondering if the Germans were still a good civ to play as, and if they are what are some basic strategies to use with them?
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    Subject: Re: Germans

    Germans are a OP civ. Just use the Settler Wagon its OP. They steal crates at 50 resources a grab! so place all your villagers on Food age up with wood + steal your enemies wood. 

    This gives you enough resources to build a mass of Pikemen+xbows+card uhlans. 

    Also on a side note don't make any villagers with Germany just ship the Settler Wagon cards, as it makes for a much faster rush.

    TacticalWillie should stop noobbashing colonels.
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    Subject: Re: Germans
    Good players can play all civs well and at lower levels it has less to do with civs and is more about luck. I suggest you start with one civ and stick with it and try to improve. Go for German if you like but I think French are the best starting civ.
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