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    Samuel Pidgeon Samuel Pidgeon is not online. Last active: 07-08-2013, 12:12 AM
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    Subject: Iroquois
    What's the best way to beat a higher ranking player as iroqoius on rush and treaty as I'm not very good this is my first post on these forums
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    Subject: Re: Iroquois

    Use tacticalwillie 's strategy

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    Subject: Re: Iroquois

    Use tacticalwillie 's strategy

    Here is an alternate strategy for Iroquois that is even more OP then the last one!!

    The cards you will need: Pioneers, Warrior Culture, Kinship Ties and both medicine cards .

    Now before the end of the treaty you need to get each of them cards. Just put 25 villagers on XP dance and you will be able to get the cards.

    At the end of the treaty have 12 light cannon and 50 Aenna and 7 Musket Riders and for a small meat shield make 6 Mantlets. Also get the 20 Huron Allies and 25 Cherokee Allies <--these will be used for your sneak attack.

    Position your army with the cannons in range of his walls, one minute before the end of the treaty.

    Next leave 25 villagers on your Firepit and move the 84 villagers on the side of your enemy's wall (but out of his line-of-sight) also bring your Huron and Cherokee units with them.

    Now any player will assume your army at the front of his camp is where your main assault is going to take place, but that is the distraction! After the treaty has ended put your Firepit on the war dance. As the front attack is taking place build the 3 Embassy's by your villagers then with your 86 villagers, 20 Huron and 25 Cherokee lay siege to his side wall. Your oppinet will be focused on your frontal attack have no extra men to send over to stop the 129 units attacking his wall, he will be confused,overwhelmed and will have no idea how to stop a army of 245 men attacking on two different sides. This attack will leave him stranded for men as he has to dual focus while your cannon blow a hole through he front and your villagers, huron, and cherokee.

    After 3 minutes of this attack you will have effectively exploited his weakness and be through his walls leveling his town.
    = GG

    Here is the stats on the villagers 42 hand attack, 34 chop attack, 15 range attack, and 18 siege. hit points are 300. the best map to do this on is Sonora because you get to ally with the Apache, which gives you a villager upgrade hitpoints go to 322 and speed to 4.60. The two medicine cards allow your villagers to spam out and at the end of the treaty you have about 50,000 food you'll never run out of Villagers and Aenna.

    This is why Iroquois are so OP 

    TacticalWillie should stop noobbashing colonels.
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    gs gs is not online. Last active: 25/09/2016, 3:16 PM
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    Subject: Re: Iroquois

    Samuel Pidgeon:
    What's the best way to beat a higher ranking player as iroqoius on rush and treaty as I'm not very good this is my first post on these forums

    india counters them, but beating a higher ranking player's iro is almost impossible. you have to outplay them.

    don't listen to the previous 2 posts they're trying to troll you. 

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    Hellrush Hellrush is not online. Last active: 02-05-2013, 2:29 PM
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    Subject: Re: Iroquois

    Use ottomans.


    When you age, you send 5 janisarie card, and when he rushes send minutemen, put jans in melee so his units slow down if he tries to run away and kill his units with minuteman. Second card you send is 700 wood, then 700 gold, and then make abus. But honestly I don't think you will win because I do not believe your micro will be good enough for this.


    When you attack back you will have 15-20 jans and 5 abus. 

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    Subject: Re: Iroquois
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