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  • Re: how to beat the portuguese in nr 40/55

    you guys are big noobs obviously you make only war wagons and you will win. their ranged resistance is so high you can't lose to anything at a distance, and they have gun so you just kill melee units coming at you. your score should be probably about 3000 or so with germans if you are a noob at booming. i can consistantly get 3200
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by TacticalJoeL on July 16, 2012
  • Re: Myth about Dopps?

    Grandevous: scottp54: Grandevous:IMO dopps nothing special. their only purpose is to kill cav, but pikeman does that jop much better. and as the game goes alon WW is the main anti-cav.dopps ae slow, stupid and lose to skirm micro. do pikes do better? i would think dopps do, and they burn fast and pikes lose to skirm micro too but if dopps and ...
    Posted to Supremacy Strategy (Forum) by TacticalJoeL on July 15, 2012
  • Re: TAD vs TWC game

    jayve98:idk why but i was just thinking how it would be fun to do a game with all asian civ against all indian civs. although i dont think that i would be able to find a lobby with all willing to cooperate, so i would like to organize it. who from the 1st-2nd lt level would like to participate in this? btw im gonna be japs and i have someone that ...
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by TacticalJoeL on July 15, 2012
  • Re: how do i defeat the germans...

    no, you just make minutemen and then delete and rebuild tc, then make more minutemen. then you have 10,000 minutemen and win the game with a giant army that is far larger then your enemies. nothing can stop this tactical strategy!
    Posted to Deathmatch Strategy (Forum) by TacticalJoeL on July 14, 2012
  • Re: German !!

    scottp54:well both rush and 40 nr. i do okay but i really need to work on military aspectand collection rtio for both rush and nr. need way much help with rush as im new at it all you have to do is make no villagers in age one. have them make a market, and get the great coat and blunderbuss upgrades. Then make minutemen, and attack. Your ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by TacticalJoeL on July 14, 2012
  • Re: Myth about Dopps?

    no men all you need to ever make is dopps because they are most op unit in game. i beat many lvl 35+ with only making villagers and dopps!
    Posted to Supremacy Strategy (Forum) by TacticalJoeL on July 14, 2012