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  • Re: 2 go from sergeant 2 captain leveling up

    Click on Home Cities in Multiplayer, and you'll see your points. There's a list of the points required somewhere else on the website. Just search for 'PR ranks'. &nbsp; Oh, and Wilson_teh_Great, I think you'll find that the Americans and Russians both tried using pencils in space prior to inventing special writing implements - the fact is that ...
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by Psusennes on March 15, 2008
  • Re: TAD 1.01 Patch Notes

    The link doesn't work. . . . &nbsp; Try this one:;
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Psusennes on March 10, 2008
  • Re: What's so good about China?

    I just tried a White Pagoda fast-fortress with disciples strat. It's Agents all over again. :S
    Posted to Supremacy Strategy (Forum) by Psusennes on March 8, 2008
  • Re: What's so good about China?

    So they're basically the new spies.
    Posted to Supremacy Strategy (Forum) by Psusennes on March 8, 2008
  • What's so good about China?

    I've heard that China is OP, but my first few games as them have all been terrible. What's the deal with them, and what are their main advantages? Is there one strategy/troop combination that makes them particularly good? I rather liked the feel of them, but never had enough troops, resources or anything in comparison with a decent Euro civ.&nbsp;
    Posted to Supremacy Strategy (Forum) by Psusennes on March 7, 2008
  • Warchiefs Installtion, different error

    Oh PLEASE HELP!When it finalises the installation for Warchiefs, everytime I get it saying that the setup was 'interrupted' before it could finish installing/uninstalling. I havent interrupted it! I have nothing else running! not even any firewalls!Just tried again, and this is what it says exactly:The Wizard was interrupted before Age of Empires ...
    Posted to Technical and Game Support (Forum) by Psusennes on October 22, 2006
  • Uninstallation/Installation

    Just using a friend account because I cant remember my password, so this is EatdeathThankyou for your help so far, deleting the keys has got the game to the installation process, and it configures the installer, but when its finished that I get the 1628 error, Failed To Install. Can you PLEASE help me find the other keys to destroy or anything ...
    Posted to Technical and Game Support (Forum) by Psusennes on October 3, 2006
  • Uninstallation/Installation

    I would strongly advise that nobody install Napoleonic Era - I have had problems with it also. It really mucks around with the 'Microsoft Games' registry file, and as a result I couldn't play Age of Empires III at all. Even when it did work, Napoleonic Era was bug-ridden and glitchy. I've just finished reformatting my computer in order to ...
    Posted to Technical and Game Support (Forum) by Psusennes on October 1, 2006
  • Weird Black Abyss Surrounding an Island?

    Sometimes that happens on Carribean to me too, othertimes not. I think it's a problem with the texture-laying, most probably a fault with the random-map code rather than with your PC.It also seems to happen on 'Unknown' occasionally too, and causes a glitch whereby units can walk upon the 'abyss' tile, and go around walls that the opponent has ...
    Posted to Technical and Game Support (Forum) by Psusennes on August 4, 2006
  • Villies getting stuck in allies garrison

    My villagers and troops keep getting stuck in my allies TC, ships and other garrison points when I try to put them inside. I have heard that this is a frequent problem for other players too.I would be very grateful if it could be sorted out for the next patch.Thanks.
    Posted to Technical and Game Support (Forum) by Psusennes on July 20, 2006

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