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  • Re: Strong eco with French

    predatorfreak: Metis:It all depends on how the game clock is programmed. Oftentimes there is a discrepancy due to CPU clock ticks as they vary due to the temperature of the chip and processor load. No. We don't calculate time like that, it's simply ridiculous to do. We'd have to constantly monitor (I don't need to even get into how hard this ...
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by President_James on October 13, 2010
  • Re: aoe3 military creation speeds

    thanks, it was a fun file.&nbsp; Now I'm going to sleep. we'll put this info to use perhaps tomorrow with some strategic planning and in game playing.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by President_James on October 9, 2010
  • Re: Installing ERROR!

    well, when I installed mine on vista basic, it said ''not compatible''. so, the first thing I did was call microsoft's bluff. I turned on the game, and it took me to the online screen.&nbsp; I downloaded the patches, exited the game, and then re - launched the game. No problems since.
    Posted to Technical and Game Support (Forum) by President_James on October 3, 2010
  • Re: I Hate Otto rush!

    well, to counter an otto janny rush, try an iro rush of your own.&nbsp; You may be surprised. of course, there are many different strategies, such as dutch skirms and stable for hussars if they jan/abus/gren, etc. but this could go on forever, I think.
    Posted to Supremacy Strategy (Forum) by President_James on October 3, 2010
  • aoe3 military creation speeds

    Hi, I did a little basic search around the net for the resource gathering rates and found it on aoe3heaven, I think it was.&nbsp; Now, however, I would like to know what the creation speeds are for all military units.&nbsp; Does anybody have&nbsp; a link or a list of their own? &nbsp; oh, and by the way, long time no see to those of you who ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by President_James on October 3, 2010
  • Re: History in the Making

    PseudoCow: lucanious:can we post about religion as long as we dont judge people on theirs or degrade it? You betcha, it's even pretty civil. I can also assure it isn't even the steryotyical right-winger vrs. 'Angry Atheists.' The only self proclaimed right-winger is an Agnostic, and most of the Atheist are civil, though some have stronger ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by President_James on September 19, 2009
  • Re: Cheapest thing to ever happen to me

    MarquesdeSotero:&nbsp; stupid post spamming whore.
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by President_James on September 12, 2009
  • Re: History in the Making

    lucanious:can we post about religion as long as we dont judge people on theirs or degrade it? lol, yeah see how long that post lasts. all religion threads wind up with ''christian'' right - wingers versus angry atheists, and then the inevitable thread being locked.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by President_James on September 12, 2009
  • Re: Biggest Nooby Moment (epic fails of yourselfs in aoe 3)

    Oddball the Angry: Neverseperat: droideka mark 2:this is probaly the most embarrising thing that has ever happened to me, okay we were playing a nr50 4v4 and 3 of my opponents we already out and the last one was a russain and he built about 1000000 layers of wall and so we got about half way though and then i go back to my base because the ...
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by President_James on September 2, 2009
  • Re: Cheapest thing to ever happen to me

    savorybeef: dj4126:i heard that there periods attract bears!!!!!! guys can you post your random nubshit that was previously contained to the off topic section into the general discussion section.&nbsp; im sick of coming into a sup or tr section and seeing 90% of the posts having no actual point at all and we are sick of not having an off - ...
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by President_James on September 2, 2009

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