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  • Re: AoM TT full cinematic campaign: The Corruptor released!

    This thread, especially the topic, contains illegal statements.I am talking about aggressive copyright violation!For additional informations please read THIS !Dear forum moderators, please contact me as soon as possible under my registered email address. Thank you! Regards,M0nTy_PyTh0nHyena Studios &nbsp;
    Posted to Age Legacy Games (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on August 22, 2010
  • Re: Custom Map Tutorial out!

    Hello!The Forums of are a great place to get additional info for scripting and for lobbying&nbsp;beside my links in the topic.I know, it's very sad that ES will close now. However, most of the support will stay.I myself currently work on finishing the Age of Mythology based feature length movie 'THE CORRUPTOR' - together with ...
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on December 31, 2008
  • Re: Some comments on ES' Dakotas RMS contest!

    Yes, I agree with you, RF_Gandalf,and I hope that you will win this contest, or Frederik or whoever added a submission.The contest is ok, but NOT the support from EnsembleStudios or MicrosoftGames (or even Ubisoft now?!)&nbsp;... Anyway, if ES or MS had started such a competition for AgeOfMythology before, it would have been MORE fair, since they ...
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on August 20, 2007
  • Some comments on ES' Dakotas RMS contest!

    Hello all,I want to give some polite but also serious comments here about the latest Dakotas RMS contest started by ES!I like to see that ES has started such a contest. Unfortunately, for me it seem a bit too early for AOE3. It would have suited MUCH better to the AOM(-TT) community 1-3 years ago. Why? Because in the AOM game ES (MS) gave ...
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on August 18, 2007
  • Re: Custom Map Tutorial out!

    Yuppiduppidoo! FINALLY XAMOLXIS IS BACK!Good News :) - GOOD MOVE, XAMO! :)Well, as you might know, I currently work with high pressure to finish the voice actings for the AOM-TT movie - THE CORRUPTOR! We already have casted 24 great voice actors and actresses for it, some of them are semi-professionells, NO JOKE! ;)So, I currently spend MOST of my ...
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on August 12, 2007
  • Re: Custom Map Tutorial out!

    I did not wrote the AOE3 tutorial for improved RM scriptings for all features within the AOE3 game - only for the basics, and also not for the AOE3-TCW, since I do not have the time for it, currently. The basics are still fine, though!&lt;Any other suggestions? Please write it into my forum.Thanks, M0nTy.
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on July 12, 2007
  • Re: Custom Map Tutorial & FAQs

    Hello again, Xamo. Xamolxis:&nbsp;... and how do you like our fighing results: CSO?You mean your fight by quitting your website? &nbsp; Anyway, a good time for relaunching your sites, since the CSO are officially announced now . Regards,M0nTy_PyTh0n.
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on April 28, 2007
  • Re: Custom Map Tutorial & FAQs

    Hello guys,thanks for the compliments about my Random Map Script (RMS) tutorial. Though it is not the best in all, it seems to be quite good for starting with RMS.Sorry, that I am not much active here, because I currently (well, for a long time now) spend my rare sparetime in the biggest ES game related project - THE CORRUPTOR.It is a ...
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on April 27, 2007
  • Custom Map Tutorial out!

    Hello all.Posted by: Northern_lord This one is for M0nTy_PyTh0nDo you watch Monty Phytons Flying Cincus. (Or DID you watch it)You are joking,watch my MPFC AOM movie here at:YouTubePosted by: Patharni dont get what your saying... Learing RM scripting is NOT easy. You should be at least 12 years old.i'm 11 and i understood everything on that ...
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on January 18, 2007
  • Custom Map Tutorial out!

    @ Northern_lord:Sure I did ;) ... I watched all stuff from the Monty Python Theatre Group and I like it very much, so I used the nickname (with some spelling changes ;) ).Regards,and a happy new year,M0nTy_PyTh0n.
    Posted to User Created Content (Forum) by M0nTy_PyTh0n on December 28, 2006

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