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  • Re: Treaty Is For Untalented RTS Players

    Milky__: NaughtyNuts92:Hey guys, I'm a rush player and I've been playing some treaty games even with high rankers (captains)&nbsp;as my ranked progressed and I have to say that treaty players have no idea what they are doing. I noticed they are people who have very little knowledge on how to generate an economy fast and to control their units. ...
    Posted to Treaty Strategy (Forum) by The Big J on July 15, 2011
  • Re: king of the hill and regicide

    It is definetely a bad thing that these game types are not so popular nowadays as the best thing in regicide is that you can always win the game no matter what the score says, even if your town is a burning ruin and your army is defeated. Haven't either played regicide or been online for a while, though.
    Posted to TAD Specific Gameplay (Forum) by The Big J on July 15, 2011