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I've been playing AoE since the release of AoE 2.. my username was: Megalord, then CTW_Megalord on the MS gaming zone and lastly with Eso : BashUgood.. I can't seem to get away from this game, I fell for it the first time I played it. I've watched the sun rise quite a few nights playing it ;-) After getting through my total noob times of playing the BF map and walling myself in ;-) I learned from my mistakes and other players and after some constant effort got pretty good at DM which back then was very popular on the G Zone and I then was allowed to join one of the top ranked clans back in AoK called CTW = Conquer The World (you can Google). The clan eventually broke up, but it was fun while it lasted. It was funny how people and other clans were too scared to play against us, it felt good to achieve such a reputation. More recently I'm in a clan called N3O that has great friendly members and we've been around for quite a few years.. I've of course grown older since AoE2 and I couldn't afford to put as much time into playing as back then, but unless ES screws up the game somehow , I'll always be an AoE fan.....

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