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A bio is quite interesting. The bio seems to date back to 1077 B.C., but some sources (including Seneca 44.2 and Socrates 8.7) seem to suggest that it might be even older. Nowadays the bio seems to be quite rare. Sociologists have claimed that this is because the human race has lost its identity. Doomthinkers think that it is because half of the people might be robots. Other experts suggest that Ryz0n moderates the bios very strictly and has banned most people that tried to write a bio. In the Aloysius era however, the bio seemed to be more common. The word is that at one point in time during the Aloysius era (somewhere around august 2005) everyone had a bio. The natural habitat of the bio is in the member department of agecomm. The bio can't be found out of its natural habitat often, as it has problems adapting to the harshness of gibson. The natural habitat of the bio is being threathened though, because agecomm might be in danger. More and more starcraft 2 players are chibbing away at agecomm, polluting the natural habitat of the bio. Just recently, the WWF has started an action to save the bio, trying to stop the pollution of its natural habitat. However, they are being obstructed from actually achieving stuff by some big companies, including blizzard and activision, who are implying that the starcraft 2 players do no harm whatsoever. ---------------------------------------------- Yes I was bored :-) --------------------------

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